clement cheroux, festina lente, noir et blanc

Marco Delogu is very much “The Hurried Man”. When you catch him in Rome, in the trastevere district where he has his workshop, usually on his scooter, between two trips abroad, three business appointment for the ophotography festival he directs and a bursting photo-shoot diary, you cannot help but think of Pierre Niox from Paul Morand’s novel. He seems to have made the character’s motto his own: “Speed is gravity in its modern form”. [..]
It is doubtless a distinguishing feature of great works that they bring objects or landscapes to life. I have n mind a few paintings by cezanne, Munch or Vallotton, certain photographs by Brandt, Plossu or Depardon, where a path also seems to come to life. In that case, for the person who has walked the path and who shows it to us, like for the person contemplating its picture, it becomes the metaphor for a personal path, a path through life. Unlike Pierre Niox’s highway through life in Paul Morand’s novel, this type of progression cannot be instantaneous. It takes time, it requires patience, step by step. “Festina lente”, “Hasten slowly”, could perhaps be the motto for a person who, like Marco Delogu, chooses to take that path.
Festina Lente, Clement Cheroux On some of Marco Delogu’s photographs

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