cattività di marco delogu
96 pp.; 47 foto b/n tricromia, 15 foto a colori;
copertina rigida 20×26 cm
ISBN 88-85121-98-5

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..All the photos were taken in different sections of the Rebibbia jail in Rome, between Autumn 1997 and Spring 2003. However Rebibbia in these photos is not easily identifiable, it is simply a detention centre, one of a community of fifty thousand in Italy and millions throughout the world whose inhabitants live within a web of imposed and self-imposed rules and regulations, that are indecipherable to those who do not know this experience. Beyond the rules are men and women just trying to survive.
I was interested in the relation between people and their environment. Over time I have come to focus on either the people or their environment. Concutelli had burned his beard during an accident with a gas burner and had shaved it for the first time in years. Notorious and anonymous figures alike posed patiently for me. A Sardinian friend helped me but did not want to be photographed. The women were much warmer and more colourful. The transsexuals kept asking to be photographed a second time..

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