la natura della notte

19 pp.; 21 foto a colori; ita./eng.
copertina morbida 15×20 cm

questo volume è stato realizzato in occasione della mostra
acquista il libro la natura della notte, galleria il segno, roma 2012

la natura della notte

In his text Francesco Zanot writes: “Photographing the night means freeing ourselves from two prejudices. First and foremost we must realise that the night does not act as an intermittent blinding programme capable of taking away everyone’s sight, but instead has its own luminosity. If this were not the case, it would not be possible to achieve that process that gives its name to photography: writing with light. (…)”

Marco Delogu is walking or riding his horse under the moon light, looking for landscapes, old abandoned houses, and still lifes of fruits and vegetables. Is a work completely free, it is an observation of himself. Long nights in the country looking for something to happen, working in the dark, looking the dark and finding a light, who becomes stronger and stronger. Very close to the best tradition of the classical paintings, this work is another step of Marco Delogu’s body of work.

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